One-Line Bio

Norwegian software entrepreneur in California


I build companies and software. I started my first business in Norway when I was 15. When I came to California, I founded and raised seed capital for Studystar – an early Facebook for international students. In 2001, I founded and then built Fabric into a software services company working with Pearson, IKEA, Redbull, Yahoo, Toyota, Porsche, and countless startups.

Today, Fabric is a software prototyping and mobile engineering group. We focus on wearables, Internet of Things, and health. Recent and current projects include Google Glass apps, software development for a health + wearables startup, K12 tablet apps for Pearson Education, and complex mobile engineering work for cutting edge startups in LA and SF.

I'm looking to connect with entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, product developers, inventors, investors, and people looking to make a difference with technology. I can help with software development, product design, startup advice, and connections. Just ask.

Specialties: Wearables, Software, data, mobile, health, Internet of Things, startups, product design, nice people, love